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DSC for Foreign National DSC

Digital Signature on the Internet can be applied by citizens of Indian national overseas and citizens of other nations or their enterprises so that they can make secure transactions in the nation.

Why there is essential requirement of documents?

All the below mentioned identity proof:


 a)  Authorized imitation of applicant passport

 b)  Authorized imitation of VISA( in case applicant is away from native country)

 c)  Authorized imitation of Resident Permit Certificate (in case applicant is in India)


Note: Authorized imitation of PAN is compulsory in case applicant has a PAN


Any of the following mentioned Address proof:


 a)  Authorized imitation of applicant passport (comprising of address as it’s part)

 b)  Authorized imitation of any other Bank/ Government issued address proof

Why Digital Signature certificate is important for me?

With the help of Digital Signature Certificate, Your identity can be confirmed in digital way. It even offers you with extreme protection with respect to your electronic transactions. It provides this by making sure about complete privacy of the details exchanged via a digital certificate. You can even utilize certificates to encrypt the details. Due to this, only the target recipient will be able to look it. You can even sign the details in a digital way so that you can make recipient assured that it has not altered while transferring. Furthermore, your identity will be also checked in terms of message sender.

Required Certificate for ICEGATE:

Class 2 or Class 3

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